The Haras d’Austral offers a range of livery services, from full working livery to agistment at grass.

The Haras takes pride in producing young horses for studbook competition or sale, and has presented numerous young stallions ranked in the national Top 10 on behalf of clients. Custom arrangements are available on request.

Four-footed residents enjoy hay and silage produced on the property, as well as oats and barley and a cereal supplement. They are wormed four times a year on average, and are vaccinated and see the farrier on a regular basis.

Livery Rates
(All prices are before VAT)
Agistment at grass
7 euros per day
Backing (2 weeks)
600 euros
Working livery
18 euros per day
Livery Section
Insemination and Foaling Rates
(All prices are before VAT)
Insemination package
150 euros per mare
Foaling package
300 euros (includes vaccination, mineral supplements and mare and foal worming)
Livery mare and foal
15 euros per day
Insemination and Foaling Center
For Your Mare

The Haras boasts a top quality insemination center with four oversized foaling boxes, and fully qualified staff to ensure your mare and foal get the same care they would at home.

Horse Events

The Haras d’Austral can offer unparalleled facilities to host your event, whether it be the presentation of horses to prospective clients, a pre-selection round for national sale, or competition. Please contact us for further information.

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