Jixi des Flots

Year : 1997
          16H2           SFA
Born at the Haras:
Pedigree :

Jixi’s sire, Dandy, was an outstanding competitor, and was Pro 2 French champion in 2006.

While Dandy has not left a large production, a high proportion of his offspring have performed well in young horse classes as well as on the international circuit. Notably, Jasmin de Fontvert (ISO 151), Jenny de la Cense (ISO 167), or indeed Osibelle de Baussy, who came second in the 6 year-old world championship, come to mind.

Jixi is a daughter of the foundation mare of Monsieur Mesnil’s breeding operation, Nadienne du Marais, who herself produced numerous international winners. Among these are Hirondel du Marais, Joyau du Marais, and Issis du Marais, who has been a winner at World Cup and CSIO level.

Jixi is a quintessential matron, displaying size and an ample frame while remaining close to the blood. Her offspring are already making their mark in CSI in Switzerland as well as on the SHF circuit.

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